Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to turn your Boring Candles into a Fall Masterpiece

This is a very quick and easy craft that can be made just using four different things! You don’t have to be “artsy” to make these either!!! That’s a big plus for me since I don’t have an artistic bone in my body! :)

What you will need…

- A few bright fall leaves
- A pillar candle
- A hairdryer
- Moisturizer

First get your leaves. Maybe you have a tree in your yard with beautiful leaves, but if you don’t, try taking a walk in a park. At this time of year, leaves are pretty easy to find!
Bring them in and rub a little bit of moisturizer on them. This can be any type of lotion that you have on hand. It will just make them a little less brittle and easier to work with while bringing out the color.

Next, use your blow dryer to melt the wax on the outside of the candle.

When the wax is soft, press the leaves that you have gathered into the candle and there you have it!

Your very own fall masterpiece!

Have fun!



melanie said...

Oh, I like this! Thanks, Krisdyn! :-)

J.Lynn said...

Isn't this awesome?? I told Krisdyn to find us some awesome fall decorating ideas and she is doing a great job! This craft was so very simple. We thought it would be easy to do this for any holiday as well. Christmas would be a good one too....use greenery off the tree, cranberries, etc. :)

Krisdyn said...

Your welcome Melanie! I was pretty excited to come across this craft! I love how easy it is, but still looks like you but a lot of work into it! :)

positively present said...

That's awesome! I love it! :) Thanks for sharing this... glad I found your blog via Cultivate Positivity!

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