Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are You at High Risk for the H1N1 Swine Flu Virus?

May be you have been wondering if you are one of those at high risk for having complications from the H1N1 Virus. I hadn’t thought about it much until I found out that I was at high risk because of my asthma. What are the other things that can put you at high risk?

Pregnant women – There have been several reported cases of women contracting this while pregnant and losing their babies and even their own lives.

People with medical conditions like asthma, COPD, and who are on or have recently been on a ventilator are at a particularly high risk. The complications from “Swine Flu” can involve respiratory problems and pneumonia.

Other medical conditions such as cardiovascular conditions, liver or kidney problems, diabetes, and weakened or suppressed immune systems can also put you at a higher risk than someone who is completely healthy.

Adults over 65 and children under 2 are thought to have a harder time getting over the flu if they get it.

A tip to remember if your child gets the H1N1 virus is to make sure they are not taking an aspirin based product while they have it. Since et is common to have a fever while fighting the flu children 19 and under would have a higher chance of developing Reye’s Syndrome.

If you are at high risk, there is no reason to worry, it just means you will want to take extra precautions to keep from getting it, which we covered in a previous post.

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