Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning in August??? You Betcha!

Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring Cleaning

After all of your hard work spring cleaning and organizing
your home, you certainly won’t want to see things back to the way they
were in a matter of weeks. Staying organized takes a little work and is
certainly a learned habit, but for this small amount of daily effort,
you will have a cleaner home and a happier family. Try some of these
tips to help keep your home looking like you just wrapped up your spring
cleaning efforts.

Keep a small basket in each room for things that do not
belong. Get in the habit of checking the basket as you leave the room
for items that might belong in your next destination.

Keep all of your cleaning supplies together, along with
rags, paper towels, scrub brushes, and any other items you may need to
complete any cleaning task. Using a bucket or cleaning supply caddy will
make grabbing the necessary tools a snap when it is time to do your
daily chores.

Sort through your mail each day when it is brought in.
Immediately throw away junk mail, saving only important letters and
advertisements that you are planning to use. Place all the mail in a
designated area and file the bills away after they are paid.

When choosing containers for storage, look for lidded
boxes, bowls, and bags that are clear. When you go looking for an item,
it will be easier to find if you can see into the containers without
opening each and every one.

Every night after dinner, make sure that all the dishes
are cleaned and put away, or at least rinsed and put into the
dishwasher, until there is a full load. Don’t let the dishes get away
from you or you’ll find yourself in the midst of a marathon cleaning

Wipe counters and tables after each meal, knocking the
crumbs to the floor. Sweep up after washing the dishes each night and
use a damp rag to wipe up and spots, splashes, or spills on the floor.

Always make sure the sink looks clean and sparkling. After
washing the dishes, wipe it out well and dry it to prevent water spots.

Set aside a little time each week or on the weekend to do
a more in-depth cleaning. Check the fridge and pantry for expired food,
wipe the stove, cabinets, table, and counters thoroughly, and clean the
floor well. If you have kept up on your daily straightening ritual, you
will be shocked at how quickly the kitchen cleans up.

When you get up the next morning, you will be able to
start your day with a fresh start (without having to worry about
yesterday’s mess!).

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