Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This blog is dedicated to those who wish to live a very simple life.
In this blog, we would like to share all the tips, hints and such that we have so that YOU can live the simple life too!We hope that you will enjoy this blog as much as we will enjoy sharing the knowledge we’ve learned over the years.
We are a mother/daughter team! Both stay-at-home wives.
Jamie, is a mom to 4 children, all of whom she home schools and wife to Gary since 1987. Jamie also runs her own successful online Baby Boutique business on eBay since 2002 and is a sculptor with her works reproduced by a company. Her work can be seen at www.blessedbeginningsartdolls.com.
Krisdyn, is wife to Tim since 2008 and helps him with his construction business. Krisdyn also has her own business out of the home selling Premier Jewelry. She enjoys writing as a hobby and is very good at it. (this part being written by her mother. lol)
Jamie & Krisdyn

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